The latest news about Facebook really has me upset. Many have told me that I shouldn’t be surprised- that Facebook and other social media companies have been using our personal data without our permission for years. I guess I have been naive. Regardless, I am not willing to continue a relationship with anyone or any business who violates my trust like this. 

My website will be my exclusive spot to post what’s going on in my life. I welcome your feedback.  Please let me know what kinds of content you’d like to see- live streaming, photos from the road, interviews, songs, study, whatever.  I’m interested in using this site to connect with you  

Yours in song,



Campfires and Color Wars

Dan appears on the podcast Campfires and Color Wars.  Listen as Dan and Flip Frisch share the secrets to a great song session, remember some of the silly songs we used to sing, and tell hilarious stories of their own upbringing at camp as well.


A little something Dan shared during his Harmony in Unison FB Live.  He saw a similar poster in Ava's math classroom.  A simple rule that is easily applied outside of math class.  A great reminder for all of us. Thanks for sharing Dan!