Hinei Mah Tov for Ron Klotz

Hinei Mah Tov for Ron Klotz July 23, 1994

In 1994 the director of Goldman Union Camp Institute, Rabbi Ron Klotz decided he would take a new job at the UAHC Kutz Camp in Warwick, NY.  We at GUCI thought it would be nice to send Ron off with a celebration of his time with us at GUCI. The voice you hear at the beginning is that of my friend and program director, Michael Moskowitz, now Rabbi Michael Moskowitz of Temple Shir Shalom of West Bloomfield, MI. This setting for Hinei Mah Tov may be the first Jewish song I ever wrote.  GUCI still sings it today.  I get chills when I hear GUCI cheering for themselves singing something new, with the purpose of honoring one of our own, our beloved, Rabbi Ron Klotz.